Radar Automatic Inclination Calibration (AIC)
Radar Automatic Inclination Calibration (AIC)

非常适合ETCS & CBTC speed measurement. Quick 和 simple to install – no need for delicate adjustments or costly running trials. 雷达AIC includes the unique automatic calibration system. No need for precise adjustments of the radar mounting, for angle measurements, for running trials to verify angle. A simple calibration request 和 雷达AIC automatically calculates the exact angle ensuring accurate readings.

Unrivalled experience worldwide:

  • 20-years’ experience in Doppler
  • 5th-generation radar

最高精度 & availability for all trains 和 all track beds:

  • 加固的雷达天线罩
  • EN50129, EN50128 assessment


  • Unique Automatic Inclination Calibration greatly reduces installation time 和 costs
  • 简单的维护
  • 精度
Speed measurement accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions

The radar measures vehicle speed over ground by applying the Doppler-Fizeau effect. It emits a 24 GHz microwave that is reflected on the ground. The Doppler effect causes a frequency shift between the transmitted 和 the received waves, which is proportional to the speed 和 dependent upon the angle between the speed vector 和 the direction of the antenna’s radiation

速度= λ.F / 2cos θ

λ: wave length of the micro=wave signal

F: Doppler frequency

θ: Angle of incidence

In order to ensure a high accuracy of the measurement on train, the radar is equipped with a high-accuracy 3-D inclinometer. At the radar setup on the train, a calibration is initiated by the maintainer. Then, the radar AIC compensates the angles in order to have the true speed value.

The 雷达AIC uses patch antenna technology 和 a genuine mathematic algorithm processed by a digital signal processor to improve the speed measurement on various types of ground. The 雷达AIC has been specifically designed for ballast 和 smooth grounds, such as asphalt or concrete. This improved design ensures a high availability of the measurement even when the ground is humid.

Automatic Inclination Calibration


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